Thursday, June 12, 2008

A very balanced diet

Tonight for dinner I had:

Three black olives
Half an avocado
One mango
One homemade peanut butter cookie

I love nights when Jason is away.


KivaJane said...

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Pandallie said...

Dinner for one can be quite convenient and low-key indeed! :)

I like the shirataki noodles though they take a little getting used to considering they're taste and texture are both different from the traditional pasta. They're kind of chewy and have to be boiled for a few minutes to get rid of the "shirataki" taste. And they don't blend with or take on flavors all that well so are typically best eaten with a sauce, in soup or with something highly seasoned(I think). Otherwise, they kind of fun to eat!

Pandallie said...

oops, please excuse the many grammatical errors! (the unfortunate effects of prolonged study sessions)