Sunday, June 29, 2008

Salt of the earth

I'm a sucker for flavored salt. I think it adds extra depth to simple dishes.

That's why I picked up this chili salt here, which is made by a local upscale grocer and sells for $6.99 a pound. That's one of the cheaper ones, too -- truffle salt, saffron salt and vanilla salt go for much more.

Chili salt

(It's worth it, though, as soon as you've tried my roasted potatoes with chili salt.)

Lately I've started making my own salts in various flavors, because I simply can't afford to keep shelling out for fancy-schmancy stuff I can do just as well in my own kitchen.

The general rule is to combine 1 teaspoon of flavoring with ¼ cup of coarse sea salt, fleur de sel or sel gris.

* For citrus salt, take finely grated orange, lemon or lime peels and let dry on a paper towel before adding to sea salt. This is a perfect addition to steamed summer vegetables.

* Lavender salt is made with dried lavender buds and sea salt. Other dried herbs will work too.

* If you have a smoker, spread kosher salt on a pan and let it smoke. Perfect on potatoes, summer salads or tofu.

* For truffle salt, slice a truffle into three pieces (the little jarred truffles will work for this) and bury the pieces in a jar of salt. Use on everything, especially tomatoes.


Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

Wonder how the citrus salt would taste on a margarita rim? Sounds good.

Maggie said...

Lisa, you are a genius.

Now I'm going to have to try that this weekend.

eileen said...

Making your own flavored salts? That is the best idea EVER.

I wonder how many people are smacking themselves right now going "why didn't I think of that?"