Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chocolate + millet

What looks like dookie but tastes like a candy bar?

Dark chocolate treats

A few weeks ago I bought a big bag of puffed millet, thinking it would make a great breakfast cereal. And it does, if you like styrofoam peanuts for the most important meal of the day.

Since then I've been looking for some other use for the puffed grain.

I found inspiration in this post on Culinate, where the writer mixed puffed millet with sunflower seeds, currants and melted chocolate. Stir everything together, form into piles and chill until hard.

I didn't have sunflower seeds or currants, so I substituted walnut pieces and dried cranberry. Altogether it was easy, fast and wonderful, if a little messy -- these things melt really fast in your fingers.

Jason said they remind him of no-bake cookies. I hope not, because all the no-bake cookies I've ever tried have tasted like dirty wooden spoons. True, these things are not baked, but they are more of a confection than a cookie. I like them quite a bit.

I'm not even close to the bottom of the millet bag, so I'm trying to think of other great combinations with millet and chocolate. Next time I think I'll do pepitas and cayenne ... or cashews and dried apricots ... or ...


LK said...

We tried puffed millet cereal before and we eagerly searched for ways to use it b/c it was so light and plain as a cereal. We made puffed millet trail mix bars which was tasty. No bake desserts are always so tasty and simple - yours looks delicious!

CD said...

How about something with chai spices or even a maple sugar spiked millet concoction?