Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The native was calling

Last night I went to a kickoff party for Palm Springs Restaurant Week.

My meal looked like this:

Lone bruschetta

Pineapple martini

Little-known fact: When you get some alcohol in me, especially on an empty stomach, I become a total dude. I just need some nachos, man.

One quick call to Native Foods later, and I had a takeout order ready to go. It was a box full of everything yummy -- handfuls of tortilla chips, black beans, corn, crumbly soy "meat," lime-kissed guacamole, cashew cream, green onions and loads of cilantro.

Native Nachos

Besides, it should be against the law to cook for yourself so soon after vacation. The last thing I wanted was to set foot in the kitchen. God bless vegan takeout.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

NF really is a God-send. I haven't had those nachos yet but now they're on the list.