Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just Vegin' Out

I have a story in tomorrow's paper about Vegin' Out, a completely fantastic L.A.-based company that just expanded their services to my neck of the desert.

Here's why they're so awesome: Vegin' Out brings healthy, fresh vegan food right to your door. Each delivery consists of 9-10 meals for $100, plus $15 for shipping.

It looks just like this:
Food delivery

The menu changes each week. My week consisted of tofu teriyaki and stirfried veggies; pasta primavera; tamale black bean pie; gazpacho; wheat berry salad; chickpea, kale and red rice salad; emerald veggies; roasted root vegetables; and five macadamia nut chocolate chip cookies.

Vegin' Out delivery

I tested the service for a week. Their portion sizes are smaller than what I typically eat. (I think I got slightly more than 7 meals out of it.) But everything tasted great, almost as if someone had just made it in my own kitchen, and there was a lot of variety.

During the time period, there was one particularly long, rough day at work. I came home very late and almost wept with relief when I saw so much tasty, ready-to-go vegan food in my fridge. Each bite of kale salad seemed to erase a little more stress and tension. (Moral: Never underestimate the power of a really hearty, nutritious meal.)

Overall, Vegin' Out is not a service that I could afford all the time.

But when my life gets busy and stressful, taking care of my health is one of the first things to go. Earlier this year when I was covering film fest and endless music festivals and running from one event to another, I skipped meals way too often; I felt sickly and exhausted all the time. In situations like that, I think Vegin' Out is definitely worth the price.

Vegan food

I think I'll probably just have them deliver to my office to give me energy on those particularly long days.

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