Monday, June 2, 2008

My cups overfloweth

I ganked the idea for green chile chickpea tortilla cups from Vegan Dad, but with one major change -- I was too lazy to make or buy tortillas, so I used wonton wrappers instead.

Until tonight I had completely forgotten that I used to use wonton wrappers as cups for everything, from mini breakfast quiches to a baked stirfry appetizer. Why did I ever stop? They have a delicate crispness that pairs well with almost anything.

As for the filling, I wish I would have spiced the chickpea and chile mixture a little more. It was a tad too mild for my taste. Otherwise, delicious.

Wonton cups

Green chile chickpea wonton cups

This was my first time using Tofutti cheese in a recipe. I wouldn't really want to eat it plain, but I was impressed by how well it melted and the fact that it didn't taste like crayons.

I served the wonton cups with a cup of this posole/tortilla soupish concoction I invented over the weekend. Basically, it's just a spicy, zesty vehicle for hominy and lots of veggies.

Soup full of veggies

Also, avocados are lovely and plentiful right now, and I have a big pile of them from the farmers market. This will obviously help me achieve my goal of eating one avocado every single day for the rest of my life. Yummy.

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Vegan Dad said...

First, I was unaware of the verb "to gank." You learn something new everyday.

Second, I agree about the Tofutti. It melts and adds a not unpleasant taste to the dish. But I wouldn't want to eat it plain.

Third, great idea with the wonton wrappers. What a time savers. I can't find any egg-free ones here. Booourns!

Fourth (and last, I swear!), I always make mild dishes or its a cacophony of whining from the boys. Too spicy! Waaah!