Friday, March 21, 2008

Veggie Tostada


So, the food situation at the Pacific Life Open was as expected. I walked into the fancy skybox and my friend Maria said, "Well, you just missed the vegan food -- potato chips."

So we went back downstairs and scoured the food court in search of anything veggie. There were some vegetarian options, but those were premade items that included cheese and/or eggs, so no dice.

Our only option was the vegetarian tostada at the Mexican food stand. When I ordered, I explained that I'm vegan and don't eat dairy, so no cheese please.

My tostada arrived with no cheese and a big dollop of sour cream.

I sent it back. And then I watched as the guy behind the counter dug two fingers into the tostada, removed most of the sour cream and covered the rest with additional tomatoes.

Uh, that didn't work for me either. So I sent it back again.

The tostada was passed around in the work area, and then I couldn't see what happened next, but somehow I ended up with a tostada that might or might not have been the original one. Or maybe the cook spit on it. But hey, at least that's vegan.

I should have stuck with the Larabar in my purse.

Anyway, to balance out all the sad tostadas and energy bars and whatnot I've been eating lately, I've been making some gorgeous juice. Check out this blood orange juice.

Blood orange juice

You know you want to drink it


regina&dan said...

Maggie, I absolutely Love Your Blog! Your Vegan Food Looks so delicious, makes me want to dine at Your Casa for Veggies :)))

Know, knowing Your a Leo, No Wonder ( Leo's--- Rule Girl )

Your right about wanting to drink that beautiful delicious glass of
blood-orange juice, yum !!!

Headed to my kitchen to juice a lonely grapefruit

I will be stalking Your Food here, until You invite me for vegan tapas
and a cool beverage to boot

Ciao or Chow for Now
Maggie, Your blog is Fantastic

Regina Mcgrath

Maggie said...

Regina, thanks for the wonderful comments!

I'll get to work planning a vegan tapas night.