Friday, March 21, 2008


Today somebody said, "Being vegan is stupid. You can't eat anything, and you'll starve to death."


Broccoli and potato soup with fresh herbs

Poor me.

Leek and bean cassoulet

So weak and pale.



Corn chowder

With nothing to eat.

Taco salad

No variety.


No flavor.

Pasta Puttanesca ... kinda

And no fun at all.

Chai cupcake

May god have mercy on the vegans.

Comfort food


stellarize said...

love this. i think vegan sounds really hard, but all of that food looks amazingly good.

missblueberry said...

Your photos are amazingly beautiful.

I too have a rather hard life as a vegan.......chocolate, falafel, chickpea hard.

I am adding you to my blog roll.

Looking forward to more posts.

Chanel said...

Umm..don't vegans not eat anything made from an animal? If so, what is that mac and cheese looking stuff in that last picture?

Angry Rain Cloud Panda said...

I am sure you can find plenty of things that can be edible without using animal products but keep in mind the soil they are grown in contains animal waste and decayed animal. Also keep in mind that if meat is murder, it is tasty, tasty murder! Why vegans feel like we need to live without animal products is beyond me, we are by nature, omnivores, all other omnivores do as we do on a smaller, less sophisticated scale. Not to say that the way we farm chickens and veal couldn't be vastly improved but it is the natural order of our existence to live off of plants AND animals, without animal products you most likely take a multivitamin or a combination of vitamins... and THAT has to be natural right? hahaha stupid vegans.

Maggie said...

Chanel, that's vegan mac and cheese! It's from this recipe:

Ben said...
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Ben said...

Maggie, awesome post here..

Sorry but I had to comment on angry rain cloud panda's comment:

I would disagree that we are natural omnivores. Our teeth, stomach acid, and entire digestive system is that of an herbivore. After all, primates (our closest genetic relatives) are around 99% vegans.

Unlike wolves and tigers (true omnivores and carnivores), we can't chase down an animal and claw and bite him/her to death. If we are biologically omnivores, why do we require tools to catch our kill?

Our bodies definitely can't digest raw meat effectively. We are the only meat-eating animals who needs to cook our meat. Of course, eggs are not necessary, and the lactation fluid of another species is definitely not a requirement.

Almost everyone, even those who don't take vitamins, eats supplemented food. Supplements are in flour, spaghetti, cereal. If I were to forage for all of my food, I don't doubt that I could attain all of the necessary vitamins and minerals. But who wants to forage though? It doesn't seem like much fun, and would require a lot of work.

Knotwood said...

I think you're all sick and demented for killing plants for both your food and for clothing. I think you all need to take a hard look at yourselves when you call people murderers for killing animals for food. Lentils are living things too. LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION!

Ryan said...

You know whats really cool? Reading every label on everything you may or may not eat to see if it contains animal products. Most of those tofu and soy substitutes taste and smell like shit anyways.

Imran said...

wow. nice one. that guy got owned. nice pics too, they were awesome.

Alain St. Pierre said...

None of that food looks good. Quit fooling yourself. All of this looks dried out. It could all do with some bacon fat.

Alain St. Pierre said...

Quit fooling yourself. That food would be 100 times better with a little bacon fat. You should start considering the suffering of the individuals of the people that harvest what you eat, not the pain of what dies. Who's to say plant don't feel pain, you herbicidal maniac?

Maggie said...

Alain, think about it this way: Now there's more bacon fat in the world for you. Enjoy!

Tracy said...

Great post, I got a lot of that this weekend. If you are vegan you must look emaciated and be near death. So not the case, your pics look fabulous, makes me want to go get cooking. :c)

bil said...

hey ben efer hear of sushi or steak tar tar both raw meat dishes if tigers and wolfs had thumbs and access to frying pans they would need to cook their meat as well

Ed Hamilton said...

Soya plantations are currently one the greatest causes of deforestation in the Amazon. This in turn causes the needless deaths of millions of creatures from hundreds of thousands of species and is even threatening the very existence of our planet. I have lots of vegan friends, and while their food often tastes great, I can't help but ask myself - where do you draw the line?

Ed Hamilton said...

Also I love bacon.