Monday, March 17, 2008

Tofu scramble

Tofu scramble

Saturday mornings are reserved for the Palm Springs farmers market -- which isn't the leisurely shopping trip you might find in, say, Portland or Santa Monica. It's just a handful of vendors who set up in the parking lot of a movie theater. And it's not always a pleasant shopping experience. You often have to do battle with a bunch of crabby old people who want to cut in line and fight over the last bunch of chard.

That said, this farmers market is all we have, and I already love the hell out of it. I find myself leaping out of bed way too early just to get there on time, so I can show my support to the local farmers.

So that's what I do every Saturday morning now. I literally roll out of bed and go, all unshowered and unsightly. And I guess fighting with old ladies makes me hungry, because I'm always starving by the time I'm done.

Last weekend I craved good ol' diner fare. Just a big platter of grease and salt.

"Sorry, you're screwed," said Jason.

"Well, we could go to ... uh ... or, um ... yeah. I'm screwed."

Until Palm Springs magically transforms into a forward-thinking, vegan-embracing town -- or until huevos rancheros becomes a vegetable -- I have no breakfast options.

The next best thing was to make something at home. I whipped up this recipe for scrambled tofu, which was pretty darn good. (Next time I'll tweak the seasoning a bit; there was too much thyme for my taste and not enough spice.) I served it inside a sprouted grain tortilla and some tomato slices, fresh from the market.

I had every intention of making pan-fried potatoes to accompany the tofu, but a hungry girl can only slave away in the kitchen for so long.

Hey, speaking of other breakfast foods, I'm looking for a decent vegan soysage. I used to love these Morningstar links, and I was waaaay disappointed when I found out they're not vegan. (Double whammy -- they contain both milk and egg.) Since then I've had the Gimme Lean sausage tube, but I didn't care too much for the flavor. I prefer links over patties anyway.

Any suggestions?


dkvision said...

Hello Maggie, I am trying to get in touch with you. You posted a photo of a dog on one of your other blogs and I am trying to find out what kind it is. I have a puppy just like it and cannot find out what he is. Please let contact me I can send you a photo.

Ben said...

Hi Maggie!

Soyboy links are good if you're looking for links. I actually like the GimmeLean sausage.

Also, have you tried black salt to give your tofu scramble an eggy kick? It's usually available at Indian and Mediterranean groceries. It stinks, but I use that stuff all the time.

Maggie said...

Ben, I'm willing to try anything called "Soyboy."

And you just reminded me that I have black salt in the pantry ... I bought it at Findlay Market and haven't discovered a use for it. Until now, that is.

DKvision, you can send a photo of your dog to my work address -- maggie(dot)downs(at)thedesertsun(dot)com -- but I can't promise I'll be able to identify the breed. That's not really the area of my expertise.