Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pie, I smlove you

FINALLY I had an excuse to make the Smlove Pie from "Veganomicon" -- to celebrate the birthday of my cubicle-mate, Judi!

But what is Smlove? Oh, my.

Well, it's a graham cracker crust with a creamy and rich chocolate filling, then a layer of peanut butter sauce, topped with candied pecans and drizzled with chocolate.

It's so good, I wanted to toss my fork and eat it all with my fists. (But this was Judi's pie, after all, so I had to play nice.)


Knowing that Judi is a Kiss fan, I set it up on her desk with Gene Simmons cutout. Isn't that one badass pie?

Gene Simmons Smlove Pie


Anonymous said...

That looks amazing. How did Judi like it? Coincidentally, my office mate is also a Judy, but mine would kill me if I baked her anything for her birthday.

Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

This pie sounds killer. Way to represent vegan eating at work!

Katy said...

Omg, that looks crazy delicious! I'm still waiting for the perfect excuse to make that pie.

jessy said...

yes indeed - that pie IS badass! w00t! i want to eat it ALL!

Debz said...

awesome. looks kisstastic

Vegan Dad said...

That pie wants to rock and roll all night (and party ev-er-y day).