Friday, July 4, 2008

Be excellent to each other

I had some people over last night for a viewing party of "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure."

Abby and I concocted the idea weeks ago. The plan was to watch the movie, then follow it up with a trip to the real water park in San Dimas, which we will do in a couple weeks.

I can't remember the exact inspiration for the Bill & Ted party, but I do know we were fueled by lots of vodka. (I think it actually came about because I had just seen "Mongol" and I was talking about Genghis Khan, and I said everything I knew about Genghis Khan came from "Bill & Ted" and then somehow we cooked up this idea.)

As far as food, I decided to serve stuff that the Wyld Stallyns would enjoy: French fries, chips, Ziggy Piggy ice cream (coconut milk ice cream) and a build-your-own nacho bar.

Nacho mama

The nachos were amazing. For the sauce, I used Joanna's recipe from "Yellow Rose Recipes," and it satisfied every craving I had for warm, gooey nacho cheese.

And then we scarfed everything down while we watched perhaps one of the greatest comedic films ever made.

San Dimas High School football rules!


Anonymous said...

The coconut milk ice cream... is it the new stuff by So Delicious? If so, where did you find it? I was at Clark's a few days ago and they said it hadn't come in yet.

Maggie said...

No, it was Coconut Bliss ice cream. ( They sent a few pints to us at the paper for review for the food section. I'll be posting more about that soon.

The company says you can buy it at Health Nutz in Palm Desert, though I haven't stopped by yet to confirm that.

It was really good, by the way. If you see it, you should definitely try it.

Anonymous said...

Those nachos are gorgeous! I really need to buy that YRR book...

Debz said...

radically delicioso!

Claire said...

What an ace idea!!!!