Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jason can cook

Years ago, on one of my first dates with Jason, he cooked dinner for me. He was under the (incorrect) impression that any food could be improved by generous amounts of curry powder. So that night we dined on curry fish with curry rice and curry green beans.

That's the last time I let him in the kitchen.

I mean, he's not like some Al Bundy who sits on the couch with a beer and expects me to feed him. He can follow a recipe, and he's always willing to be my personal sous chef. But he asks too many questions and can never find stuff in the pantry, so it's just easier for me to do it all myself.

Well, right now he's in Indiana and wanted to impress his family with a vegan meal. He asked for my favorite tofu dish, and I directed him to VeganYumYum's sweet chili lime tofu.

And it looks like he did a GREAT job with it.

Making a vegan meal

Chili lime tofu

The family loved everything but the quinoa. (They had never eaten quinoa before and didn't like the texture.) Jason said everyone raved about the chili lime glaze and loved it enough that they want to eat it again ... but on chicken. Oh well.

Anyway, he's already promised to make the tofu for me when he gets home.

Looks like I'll be putting him to work in the kitchen much more often.


Katy said...

I'm the same way with my husband! He's more of a hassle than a help in the kitchen, so I'd rather do it alone.

Way to go Jason! It looks great! I'm always shocked when people don't like quinoa, because I love it so much.

Anonymous said...

Good for him! That looks delicious and I'm so glad his family was willing to give it a try (too bad about the switch back to chicken, though!).