Sunday, August 10, 2008

Road food: On the go

It feels like I've been traveling a lot lately. And when I'm not traveling, I've been going out with friends and celebrating my birthday ... and not spending a lot of time in my own kitchen.

The good news is that I've sampled a lot of great vegan food all over the place. Not all salads either!

Here's a sample.

From The Spot in Hermosa Beach, once Paul and Linda McCartney's favorite hangout:

Burrito baby

This was black beans, tofu, collard greens and steamed veggies, all topped with the restaurant's signature savory sauce:

Beans and savory sauce

This was a roasted veggie pizza during a random dinner in Dayton, Ohio:

Vegan pizza

Here's the very best veggie burger I've ever tasted -- from the Northstar Cafe in Columbus, Ohio:

Veggie burger

The spicy vegan burrito at Casa Nueva in Athens, Ohio. Nearly everything on the plate is from local organic farmers. (The crappy lighting doesn't really do this dish justice):

Casa scramble

Casa is an old favorite hangout from my college days, so my friends and I returned for brunch the next day too. Here's the vegan breakfast scramble:

Casa vegan burrito

Vegan garlic breadsticks, plus spicy marinara dipping sauce, from Avalanche Pizza in Athens, Ohio:


The "I Was a Teenage Vegan Werewolf" pizza from Avalanche in Athens:

Avalanche vegan pizza


And finally, a truly awesome 3 a.m. red bean burrito from Burrito Buggy in Athens, another favorite from when I was in college:

Burrito Buggy


I swear, I really do eat more than burritos and pizza, even though there's plenty of photographic evidence to the contrary ...


Anonymous said...

Hey, Maggie! Great to see the Northstar Burger was on your road trip menu. Do you remember if you were at the Short North location or the Beechwold/Clintonville location (I live only about 3 blocks from there). I hope you enjoyed your time in Columbus!

Maria said...

I have to look into the 'signature savory sauce'. Looks yummy! Made almond milk last night. Strained it and added agave nectar. I liked it but was not a hit with the rest. Have you ever made it? If so, any tips?

Eric and Jill said...

at what pizza place did you get that pizza in dayton?

Maggie said...

jennycestcake, I went to the Short North location. I met up with an old friend who lives in Zanesville. We walked around the Short North for a while, then headed over to the Book Loft in German Village, which has always been one of my favorite spots.

Maria, did you soak your almonds before blending them? What water/almond ratio did you use?

Eric and Jill, the pizza came from Cheesecake Factory. (My dad brought me to a new shopping center in Dayton. The Greens, I think it's called.)

The people at Cheesecake Factory swore the crust was vegan, as was everything on it, including the pesto. I told them I'm deathly allergic to eggs, dairy and meat, so they seemed to be extra careful.

Maria said...

I'll soak the almonds next time! Thanks for the tip!