Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Tale of Two Veggie Wraps

My friend Judi and I sampled the goodies at "Ditch Friday," a new promotion at Agua Caliente Casino and Resort. For a few hours every Friday afternoon, the resort encourages people to ditch work and hang out by the pool and enjoy food and drink specials.

It was packed and people were having a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the place was sorely understaffed and it took a very long time to get our drinks and meal.

I was pleased to see a veggie wrap on the menu, which was vegan if you ask for it without the aioli.

It was OK. Nothing extraordinary, and not really worth $10.50. (And if that was the special price? Holy cow.) I'm a little concerned about the Kermit-colored tortilla, though.

Veggie wrap

My co-worker Judi ordered the salad, which probably was the smarter choice.


Today I had a veggie wrap again, this time at Jennifer's Kitchen, a small gourmet deli/food and wine shop in Rancho Mirage.

The grilled veggies were served cold, but they were very flavorful and peppery. They were mixed with a garlicky hummus inside the tortilla. It was a tasty wrap and just $6.50.

My only criticism isn't a criticism exactly -- more of a personal preference. The pieces of wrap were too big for one bite, but too squishy to take a bite without everything falling out all over the plate. Next time I'll try to remember to ask for it whole and unsliced.

Grilled veggie wrap

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