Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A bunch of meals

I'm falling way behind on posting here, so I need to cram a few meals together in one post. Sorry.

Here we go.

Before I went vegan, I never liked alfredo sauce. And then, for whatever reason, I had the strangest craving for a vegan version the other day. I basically used this recipe from Vegan Dad, with a few minor tweaks in the spicing.

I think no matter what you do, alfredo will never be healthy, not even if it's vegan. I compensated for that by dumping a pound of steamed greens on top of everything. (No, really. It's a pound of greens. Those suckers cook down like crazy.)

Vegan alfredo

Over the weekend I made eggplant rollatini for the first time, using a recipe from "Veganomicon." It was marvelous. It took some time, but it was well worth the effort.

A couple friends joined us for dinner, and I was nervous because some people just aren't tofu people, no matter how fabulously it's made. Well, my friends cleaned their plates, which says a lot about the recipe. The roasted asparagus and the side of quinoa (made with mushrooms, white wine and artichoke hearts) were both pretty wonderful too.

Sunday dinner

I'm getting hungry just thinking about the eggplant rollatini again. Here, look at them even closer ...

Eggplant rollatini

Then I tried my hand at Southern vegan fare. These are steamed collard greens, stuffed with black-eyed peas and chopped greens, topped with homemade BBQ sauce, served with an ear of corn from the farmers market. It tasted decadent, but was extremely healthy.

Plus, I love finding new ways to get greens in my diet.

Collard roll-ups

Oh, speaking of the farmers market, I've been making the best salads from local, seasonal goodies. This week I picked up some shockingly sweet carrots, then used them to make a big, fresh meal with some greens, sprouts, green onions and mustard flowers.

Farmers market salad

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Jenny said...

Oh my god, you're totally inspiring me to eat more veggies. I'm definitely going to try some of these recipes.