Friday, February 15, 2008

V-day food extravaganza

Rather than go out to a fancy-schmancy restaurant for Valentine's Day, Jason had an even better idea -- he offered to cook me any vegan meal I wanted.

I chose homemade potstickers from VeganYumYum, a recipe I've been salivating over ever since I first saw it.

We made the easy baked seitan recipe on Valentine's Day Eve. As promised it sure was easy. It was also something of a magic trick -- it went into the oven looking like a small silver log and came out a puffy Nerf ball. Cool!

Jason underestimated the amount of time necessary to make a bajillion potstickers, so partway through the process we snacked on some inari from Bristol Farms.


Jason's so anal about numbers, it was really cute and funny to watch him cook.

See, while I cook in splashes, dashes and pinches, he's all about precise measurements. So when the recipe called for a tablespoon of filling to be placed in the center of each wrapper, he made sure it was exactly a tablespoon. (I'm surprised he didn't use a compass to determine the true center of each wrapper.)


He folded and crimped all the edges. Not bad for a newbie chef.


It took a very long time, but here are all the "raw" potstickers, waiting to be cooked.

Potsticker platter

And then they sizzled happily in my iron skillet.


All that and gorgeous roses too!


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