Friday, February 22, 2008


Last night was a bad buffet dinner at an event for a fancy-schmancy golf invitational. It was an Italian theme, so I expected spaghetti with marinara sauce, or at the very least some naked noodles.

The cold section of the buffet was a build-your-own salad, but 75 percent of the toppings were meat or cheese. I ended up with chopped romaine, diced cukes and some pieces of mealy tomato. No dressing -- they only had ranch. (After begging, I finally got some oil and vinegar.)

The hot part of the buffet had only one vegan thing: Cold, bitter grilled veggies.

It was all pretty miserable.

The other people at my table with plates overflowing with 15 different kinds of food.

One woman, who knows I am a vegan, noticed my plate full of lettuce. "Hey, this must be like a feast for you!" she said and nodded with approval.

"Uh. Not exactly."

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