Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Okura Japanese restaurant

Ninja pucker martini

Last night I attended a function at Okura Sushi in Palm Springs.

I thought the event would be a casual, buffet style meal, where I would be able to pick up some rice and veggies, so I stupidly didn't call ahead to let the host know I'm vegan.

When I arrived, I found formal place settings with a menu that listed the courses: Oysters, beef carpaccio, conch and scallops.


I pulled the host aside, apologized and explained what I needed.

And then success! My meal ended up as the following:

* A pile of chilled spinach drizzled with a delicious sesame sauce, topped with tomato and radish.
* Miso broth with two squares of fried tofu.
* Grilled vegetables.

Everything was delicious, especially considering that I sprung this on the chef at the last minute. It was also a true test of my veganism, since I used to really love seafood and sushi.

The meal was topped off by a Ninja Pucker cocktail, which started off with the sweet and slightly sour flavors of green apple, then finished with a punch of wasabi. It was fantastic.

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