Monday, January 28, 2008

Chocolatey goodness

rainbow 075

This morning I stopped by Cafe Chocolat, a really cute, hip chocolate place in north Palm Springs.

When the store owner offered me a bite of milk chocolate fudge, I declined and said, "Actually, I'm vegan. But do you think you could help me find some chocolates without dairy?"

He walked around the entire store with me, reading labels and making suggestions. I ended up with the dark spicy Aztec bar from Lake Champlain Chocolates (so zesty!) and a big delicious dark bar from Nirvana Belgian Chocolates, made with blueberries and Acai fruit (antioxidant goodness!).

When I was about to leave, the owner said, "I'm so happy you came in. I've never really taken the time to read the labels before, and now I'll know what to say when other vegans come into the shop."

Hooray for supportive local shops! I'll definitely encourage my friends to go there.

It was an excellent morning. And then the rest of the day was filled with breathtaking rainbows, making a good day even better.

Cafe Chocolat is located at 515 N. Palm Canyon. Call (760) 320-8889.


Leann, Lake Champlain Chocolates said...

Hi! I'm so glad you enjoyed our Aztec bar. It's got a bit of a kick, no?! We have a lot of requests for vegan chocolate and all our dark chocolate is vegan but if you want a great chocolate treat sometime, make a cup of our Old World Drinking chocolate with soy milk. It's real dark chocolate shavings and it's awesome. Good Housekeeping just picked it as the best dark hot chocolate and since it can be made with soy milk, it's perfect if your vegan. We have a big vegan following here in VT as you can imagine. Thanks for the kind words about our chocolate and best of luck with the continued search for great vegan foods! :) Leann VanDerHeyden, Lake Champlain Chocolates

Anonymous said...

I am a VT native and I found it fascinating that Lake champlain Chocolates travel so far :) I also never knew they had so many vegan options, of course I never really cared until recently. I will have to try that Aztec bar before I move in July! Thanks for sharing I would have never known about this tasty treat in my own back yard.

Maggie said...

Mmmm. If you like spice, you will absolutely love that Aztec bar. Stock up!